About the Foundation


The "SÜDWIND-Foundation - Institute for Economics and Ecumenism" was founded in 2007. Like the association SÜDWIND, it advocates for economical, social and ecological justice around the world.

The foundation supports the work of the SÜDWIND-Institute. The foundation assets are invested under strict ethical and ecological criteria. The interest income assists the work of SÜDWIND. The higher the foundation assets are, the more resources can be provided for the SÜDWIND-Institute.

If you are interested in supporting the SÜDWIND-Foundation, do not hesitate to contact Martina Schaub.

Investment Criteria

All investments made by the foundation are in accordance with our investment criteria. They determine the frame for eligible investments through so called negative and positive criteria. Government bonds, businesses, banks and mortgage banks, public banks and supranational organisations have their specific conditions.

SÜDWIND's investment criteria (German).

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