Bananas are the main export fruit in the world. More than a quarter of the total production is used for exports all over the world, where it is often offered at low prices. Bananas have been an important source of income for hundred thousands of families in many developing countries. The living conditions of banana producers are shaped by low export prices, poor working conditions, ecological consequences, competition on the market and concentration of power towards the end of the supply chain.

SÜDWIND has worked on the consequences of banana trade on smallholders and plantation workers for years. The introduction of fair trade was an improvement for the living conditions and social standards of some workers, but the overall situation is still bad: most of the plantation workers in Central and South America live under poor conditions. An upgrade of the supply chain in favour of the workers can be achieved if living wages are paid and social and ecological minimum standards are recognized.
SÜDWIND participates in the Action Alliance for Sustainable Bananas (ABNB) in Germany in order to make an impact along the banana supply chain.


A Snapshot of the Banana Trade: Who gets what?


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