Foundation Capital

The foundation capital is the basis of the SÜDWIND-foundation. By the time it was founded, it amounted to 170.000 Euro. Today, more than 80 founders contribute to an amount that adds up to 364.000 Euro.

The SÜDWIND-Institute was supported with 8.000 Euro from the proceeds of the foundation capital in 2016.

You can access the latest balance (German) here and the profit and loss account (German) here.


The goals of investments are to support SÜDWIND in its work, to achieve financial stability and to ensure sufficient returns.

The SÜDWIND-Foundation invests in fixed-income securities and sustainability funds as follows:

  • 75-80% fixed income securities,
  • 5% interests in Oikocredit/microfinace institutions and
  • 15-20% in shares and equity funds.

You can access an overview of the current portfolio in German language here (30.12.2016).

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