2030 Agenda (SDG)

The agreement on the Agenda 2030 by the international community in 2015 is a comprehensive orientation framework for a worldwide sustainable development. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are therefore regarded as a central part of an implementation process. One of the goals to achieve by 2030 is the complete eradication of global poverty. However, the SDG are more far-reaching: They are connecting social, economic and ecologic targets, which are applied to both poor and rich countries. Moreover, common but differentiated responsibilities are underlined and questions of inequality, production- and consumption patterns are discussed. SÜDWIND is particularly focusing on the question, how the role of private sectors can be assessed concerning the implementation of the SDG.


As a main recommendation of the study, the EP is prompted to use its own-initiative report on the post-2015 development framework to encourage the EU as a whole to ensure a bottomup approach at the national level in both developed and developing countries – with a broad participation of the marginalised in particular, so as to guarantee their voices are listened to and their needs seriously addressed.


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