Millennium Development Goals and beyond 2015, a strong EU engagement

Art.-No.: 2013-04

Year of publication: 2013

The “United Nations Millennium Declaration”, endorsed in 2000, and the accompanying Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), adopted in 2002, have been important instruments in streamlining and coordinating international development action. Since the targets were defined, significant progress has been achieved in almost all the MDGs but there are also numerous challenges that have not been addressed with the necessary commitment by the various stakeholders. New global realities and challenges have enormous implications on new development strategies. In order to agree on a common UN post-2015 development agenda several options are on the table.

As one of the key actors, the EU has an important role to play in defining a new post-2015 framework. The EU is likely to build on the current MDG approach and to maintain poverty eradication as the central objective. However, it will probably aim at a more balanced and holistic rights-based approach to the three dimensions (economic, social and environmental) of sustainable development than in the current MDG framework. As a main recommendation of the study, the EP is prompted to use its own-initiative report on the post-2015 development framework to encourage the EU as a whole to ensure a bottomup approach at the national level in both developed and developing countries – with a broad participation of the marginalised in particular, so as to guarantee their voices are listened to and their needs seriously addressed.

(Dr. Pedro Morazán, 57 Pages)


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