Migration and Development

Since 2010, SÜDWIND is working on the topic "Migration and Development". Working and living conditions of people, which are migrating within their home country or transnational are to the fore. Migrants are usually not only dependent on their respective employer or recruitment agencies, but are also lacking access to labor unions and operational representations of interests. Moreover, they do often live in more precarious conditions than the local population.

SÜDWIND studies, with varying regional focus, the causes of migration and flight, migration routes, border regimes, the connection of migration and development cooperation, the impact of people remittances, as well as the coherence between migration and the Sustainable Development Goals of the Agenda 2030.


This discourse, and we will also deal with it today, has changed and shifted on both counts. This has been due, among other things, to the Report of the Global Commission on Migration (2005) but also to the UNDP Re-port on Human Development (2009) “Overcoming Barriers”, because they made a new, positive view on the relationship between migration and de-elopment possible.


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