Make in India. Working Conditions in West-Indian Textile Companies

Art.-No.: 2016-12

Year of publication: 2016

On the occasion of a fact finding mission to Gujarat together with the Clean Clothes Campaign (Germany) and Südwind e.V. in January 2015 the German Commission for Justice and Peace got in touch with PRAYAS in India. Südwind e.V. and PRAYAS are two institutes doing investigative work on labour conditions in the informal economy. In 2015 and 2016 the authors Dr Sabine Ferenschild and Sudhir Katiyar produced two studies on labour conditions in the textile value chain, ‚Hard Work for Soft Fibres‘ and ‚Make in India‘. Both studies describe working conditions and labour rights violations in different stages of cotton production and processing.

(Dr. Sabine Ferenschild and others, 48 Pages)


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