Sustainable Financial Investments

SÜDWIND is working since more than 20 years on the topic of sustainable financial investments. Thereby different approaches to make investments more ecological and socially sustainable are analyzed and taken into question. Professional expertise in topics like micro credits, best-in-class approaches, impact investments, shareholder engagement, commodity investments, and investments in land has been gained. Moreover, the consequences of the last financial market crisis for developing and transition countries are part of the research of the SÜDWIND institute.


The calculations for the volume of capital that will be needed to change course towards a more socially and environmentally sustainable way of doing business are on the table. There is agreement that this capital will mainly need to come from private investors. Green bonds are a beacon of hope. The demand for these bonds, which are used to finance sustainable projects, far exceeds the supply. However, are these green bonds really as green as they maintain they are and do they really produce additional funding for sustainable pro­jects?


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